GoWide launches its Self-Serve Platform for Rewarded Installs

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Posted: March 24, 2015

GoWide is already known for successful operations as a performance-based mobile ad network. A proven track-record of signing top affiliate deals makes us go for more. In order to meet the market’s demand and expand into the RTB segment, GoWide is launching brand new mobile Self-Serving Platform for Rewarded Installs.
On the new Platform, we aggregate all major sources of incentivized traffic suppliers in a single dashboard, giving our customer the opportunity to start working with our scalable inventory from only one account created on our platform. Our key benefits, include but are not limited to: minimum budget to start, global reach, 100% CPI risk-free model, dynamic real-time pricing, easy registration process and many other interesting features. In just 3 clicks you will get maximum exposure and volume – set the bid, caps and position range you want to reach in the app store and the rest will be done by our system.
If you are interested, please sign up here and be the first to test the new system’s capabilities and feel the power of an advanced self-serve platform. Along with this, we can fulfil any of your traffic requests with our powerful user acquisition services.

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