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Partner Post - GOWIDE User Acquisition Platform

Posted: August 23, 2016

Dmitry Bogdanov, Head of the Business Development at User Acquisition Platform GOWIDE, talked with us about concept of re-branding in GOWIDE, changes  that have been implemented through a new logo, and strategy of the company for the next few years. Dmitry has a strong background in user acquisition and traffic monetization, with a focus on the mobile app marketplace. Now, he is growing the GOWIDE team of mobile marketing experts and media buyers.

The business world is in a constant state of flux: the needs of customers change, new competitors constantly appear on the market, technology has improved more than ever, and the government frequently “rewrites the rules” of marketing. The transformation of the market, which happens every few years, dictates entrepreneurs to re-evaluate their place in the world. New niches are born alongside these changes.
GOWIDE also realized the need for a face-lift. It’s a young and developing company, but it has already taken a leading role in mobile advertising.
On August 18th, “GoWide Mobile Media Expertise” officially unveiled their new brand on the digital marketplace: “GOWIDE User Acquisition Platform”.

“The concept of re-branding is a requirement of time and opportunity to develop the team. We strive to expand the boundaries of our business. We’ve realized that that change is not only limited to the market, so we need to consistently adapt to new surroundings. The huge portfolio of our services could no longer be limited to a “mobile agency”. Since we’ve provided services for the purchase of any type of traffic and have our own Self-Serve Platform, we simply had to reflect this in our name and positioning,” commented Dmitry Bogdanov, Head of Business Development in GOWIDE.

The original logo: to expand, to grow, and to develop in different directions.
The new logo: a large circle accommodating the smaller circle, which represents a united space that combines app owners, marketers and publishers. This joint cooperation on the GOWIDE platform, along with the professional help of experienced managers, helps clients achieve their digital goals and receive high revenue. As the logo evolved and became closer to technological trends, the color and font changed in the opposite direction and became brighter, softer, and more humane.
GOWIDE old logo

GOWIDE new logo

The color solution, in the form of purple and pink circles, shows the company’s focus on young, creative, and bright people – the creators of new trends in mobile apps. Their innovations make the world more colorful and bright for the rest of us!
Re-branding is a part of the major development strategy of the company, which incorporates significant empowerment and realization of business goals. This refreshed brand symbolizes the friendliness and simplicity in the perception of digital services. It also reflects the company’s core values: simplicity, transparency, and professionalism. These values are the core of the updated brand and the main strategy of the company. In the next few years, GOWIDE plans to penetrate deeper into the market of video advertising and become an even more powerful player on the RTB market.
Re-branding touched not only the logo. The old slogan, “Mobile Media Expertise,” fell into the past. A new slogan, “User Acquisition Platform,” gives the company the power and size of a united platform, one that offers any kind of traffic and focuses primarily on user acquisition.
Today, GOWIDE is a worldwide mobile ad platform with two branches in the United States and Eastern Europe that occupy a prominent position in industry rankings. External changes – a new logo and slogan – are only a small reflection of the scale of internal changes of the company. Results of active growth confirm that GOWIDE has made the right choice.

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