Google updates app marketing tools

On Wednesday, Google announced a few updates for app marketers at its I/O developer conference.

Among them is the ability to bid on target return on ad spend (rROAS) automated bidding, which essentially auto-adjust bids for more consumer in-app spending.

That means marketers who would like to schedule their campaigns to reach users more likely to spend in-app than non-spending users can now set up the tROAS algorithm.

The addition is being rolled out for Android and iOS in June.

Google also said it added app advertising inventory across YouTube and more specifically the popular video platform’s feed and on in-stream videos. App developers can now place ads on YouTube using landscape images and one video.

The addition highlights the company’s continued efforts to expand its app ad products.

Earlier this year, the Internet company launched App campaigns for engagement which boost app rediscovery through engaging and relevant ads.

In addition, Google announced that app campaigns would now support advertising groups featuring various assets. Among the initial parts of the scheme are Apptamin, Bamboo, Consumer Acquisition, Creadits, Kaizen Ad, Kuaizi, Vidmob and Webpals.

Google will further expand its Open Bidding monetisation model for all publishers later in 2019.

The company also added a few new AdMob tools, among them is image search to help find and remove bad ads and prevent inappropriate ads from being shown.

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