Google updates app install and engagement ad offers

Google has announced new advertising options for Android app developers. The company is now making it easier for developers to advertise their apps on the Google Display Network. The site currently spans two million publisher websites and the updates include an extension to the AdMob in-app network, which reaches 650,000 active apps and has seen volume increases of up to 28% in early testing.
Google adds Display Network for developers
The group further adds Video App Install Ads, essentially video ads showing a user what a mobile app may look like. Mobile social company, GREE International has been an early adopter of this technology and said that in-app video ads generated 10% more installs and came at a 40% lower cost-per-install rate.
Finally, Google rolls out a new Conversion Optimizer which helps marketers to optimise their bids according to consumer lifetime value and automate the process of reaching those users.
Ken Kehoe, Performance Labs Analyst at Fiksu, who tested the optimizer, says:

“We were able to triple one client’s install-to-purchase conversion rate after users download the app and decrease cost per purchaser by 61%.”

Google’s latest additions can be seen as a way to keep up with social networks such as Facebook, which have been driving the mobile-app-install market.

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