Google updates app advertising features for app developers

Google recently announced updates for how app developers are purchasing and selling ads on AdWords and AdMob. At the latest Google I/O developer conference, this week, the company said that overall Android users downloaded 94 billion apps from Google Play in 2017 – up from 82 billion in 2016.
As part of a new beta update, app advertisers can now showcase more of their app content in Google Play. This would allow companies to launch entire product catalouges, for examples.
At the same time, it gives consumers a better idea of the app before committing to download it.
A similar feature for gaming apps already exists with Google Play Instant. The format is likely to also become available on Universal App Campaigns shortly.
Meanwhile, Google announced that view-through conversion reporting would be added to AdWords in May. The feature lets advertisers monitor when a user has seen a viewable impression and if they converted.
Viewability is defined as 50% of a display ad impression being visible for at least one second.
In order to streamline the ad selling process for developers, Google integrated with IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement SDK with its Google Mobile Ads and Interactive Media Ads SDKs.

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