Google updates analytics for AdMob

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. September 24, 2019

Google AdMob has upgraded its reporting and analytics for publishers and developers. The company said it was launching a new API to provide publishers with more accurate insights into user behaviour and ad performance.

As part of the AdMob dashboard, users can view metrics including estimated earnings by zooming in on ad format and units as well as country.

Graphs are now interactive and multiple metrics can be compared visually, e.g. revenue per thousand and impressions.

The App Overview dashboard will include detailed insights such as active users, ad exposure per session, session duration, retention, and ARPU.

Revenue reporting will list subscriptions and in-app purchases for a more rounded overview. Data on programmatic inventory and engagement for Rewarded Ads are also available.

Rewarded Ad units offer rewards for engaging with content such as video and playable ads.