Google to ban disruptive video ads

Anne Freier | February 10, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Google will no longer show adverts on sites show disruptive video ads, according to the Coalition for Better Ads announcement.

The company began removing disruptive ads violating industry standards back in 2018. Since then, Google has been continuously updating its ad standards.

Based on research involving 45,000 consumers globally, the company has announced new standards.

Among the three types of video content that users find the most annoying, are long, non-skippable pre-roll ads longer than 31 seconds, mid-roll ads of any length and image or text ads at the top of a video or in the middle of a player window.

The Coalition plans to ban these ad types from websites starting in August 2020.

Google said that Chrome would stop showing these ads and would review YouTube for compliance.

Website operators are reminded to review their site status using the Ad Experience Report tool.

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