Google suspended for failing to meet mobile web-served impression guidelines

Media ratings watchdog, the Media Ratings Council (MRC), which provides accreditation for advertisers’ ad impressions, has suspended Google for its measurement of publishers’ mobile web-served impressions.
In concrete, the suspension affects DoubleClick, Google’s publisher ad exchange. The MRC says that non-compliancy issues were noted across mobile web-served impressions and DFP active view desktop viewability statistics.
However, it emerged that the non-compliance has been due to MRC guideline reforms and Google has been suspended since July 2016 already.
The MRC published the following accreditation statuses for July to September 2016:
Screen shot 2016-10-14 at 7.22.33 AM
The update to the guidelines is a rather important one and states that an impression has to be rendered on a device in order to count as valid.
A Google spokesperson confirmed that the company was making changes to implement changes according to the MRC guidelines. However, it’s been moving rather slowly so far, which has raised some questions and doubt among marketers using its services.
Mike Caprio, GM of Programmatic, Sizmek, told BusinessInsider:
mike caprio

“For Google, what is most concerning is that they decided to prioritise the seller’s needs over the buyers. And what’s worse is that in most cases, as the dominant publisher ad server, they are the direct beneficiary through Google Display Network and AdX [Google’s ad exchange]. Independent measurement has always been vital to our industry, so the buy and sell side can have a fair market to do business. The industry needs independent, impartial measurement and campaign management that is uniform and balanced across all parties and through all forms of buying anywhere around the world.”

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