Google sorts out issues with AMP URLs following criticism from publishers


Source Google

Google has announced a change to its Accelerated Mobile Pages and the way it integrates with Google Search. The update comes in form of a button that lets consumers copy and share a publisher’s own link instead of the AMP URL.
It follows feedback from publishers who weren’t happy with Google amending URLs to feature its own name in it. They argued that that had nothing to do with speeding up the mobile web. After all, that’s what AMP is there for.
There was some confusion surrounding the URL issue. Some publishers felt that having Google-named links wouldn’t allow users to bookmark or copy URLs as the company’s or publisher’s own URL.
Indeed, this may stifle trustworthiness of a page. Google admitted to this in a recent blog post, saying that URLs that carry the name of a publisher are likely to come across as more trustworthy since the customer may know of the publisher already. Take The New York Times as an example. If you are searching on the mobile web for The New York Times’ website, chances are you’ll feel more at ease being redirected to a site that actually carries the URL instead of a Google-owned link.
Initially, Google made the choice to ease the process for the publisher and ensure pre-rendering of AMP documents in iframes.
However, for users who tend to turn to the web URL to copy and share a link it was getting confusing if the web address showed a Google URL instead.
For consumers, the button will display next to the header and contain the publisher’s URL link. It’s now available on iOS and the Android version is coming shortly.
In addition, Google is working on a more native URL sharing version. The company wrote:

Lastly, we’re working on leveraging upcoming web platform APIs that allow us to improve this functionality even further. One such API is the Web Share API that would allow AMP viewers to invoke the platform’s native sharing flow with the original URL rather than the AMP viewer URL.

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