Google set to trial Accelerated Mobile Pages for Ads to speed up the mobile advertising experience

Google just announced Accelerated Mobile Pages for Ads. In line with its goals to speed up the mobile web experience for the end user, the company has finally turned towards digital advertising to put ads on a diet.
Google to launch AMP for Ads

AMP for Ads is a modified version of Google’s AMP project to let advertisers build ads that load faster.

It’s not a new platform for advertisers, but rather a set of guidelines and tech integration; and in line with the original AMP it’s an open-source project for people to collaborate and expand features for AMP for Ads across the web.

Google says it is currently in the process of setting up a live experiment for AMP for Ads.

Specifically, the company plans to make ads analysable for safety and good behaviour. In addition, ads will be using a set of functionalities to reduce bandwidth consumption. CPU usage will be limited to on-screen ads in order to maximise the battery life of mobile devices, and ads will be connected to a page to ensure that primary content is smooth at 60 frames per second.

Based on the success of AMP for publishers, Google is now trying to do the same for advertisers.

Dan Taylor, MD global display, Google, adds:
dan taylor

“As mobile has grown, the ad experience has become less than ideal. The goal with AMP for Ads is 100% user experience-focused. A healthy and vibrant mobile Web is good for Google and all publishers.”

Having found that 40% of web users abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, revenue does suffer when ads aren’t delivered within a certain time frame.
At this stage, Google hasn’t announced functionality for mobile video ads, one of the fasting growing formats in mobile advertising. Taylor confirmed that the company was looking into expanding functionalities as soon as the format had been tested.

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