Google says it has two million paying Apps For Work customers

Andy Boxall | November 10, 2015

App Development

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In a blog post discussing Google Apps For Work, Google has confirmed that more than two million businesses are paying for access to it, after having been reluctant to release exact usage figures on the system in the past. In the same post, a selection of updates to the Google Apps Marketplace are also detailed.


The only information previous revealed by the company indicated there are at least five million organisations using Google for Work, which does suggest a large percentage aren’t paying for the service at all. According to analyst Jack Dawson from research firm Jackdaw, speaking to, “Google gets very little benefit from those three million customers that aren’t paying anything, yet presumably incurs significant cost to serve them.” Google has since ended free use of Google for Work, but those businesses that signed up previously may still access the service for free.

Google says it has two million paying customers in the Apps For Work program

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The Google Apps Marketplace has been updated to help employees find the right apps, and receive notifications when they’re given access to new ones, plus Google has introduced a system to feature certain apps. It’ll also link to standard Android versions of dedicated Google Apps for Work products.

In addition to this, it will begin recommending apps made by third parties, which will be reviewed and checked by Google and an independent security specialist, ensuring they meet required standards. Among the initial range of recommended apps are Ping Identity, Switch, Smartsheet, and ProsperWorks.

You can learn more about Google Apps for Work here.

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