Google rolls out Shopping Ads for YouTube feed

Anne Freier | November 6, 2019

App Business

Google has launched Shopping Ads for its YouTube home feed and search results.

Advertisers who are already using Google’s Shopping campaigns can enable Display Network for YouTube and then run Shopping Ads.

For mobile users, the addition means that they’ll be able to scroll through a carousel of “Suggested Products” added between videos and at the top of the search results.

Google said that video ads are now also more interactive and visual. It hopes that viewers will take more action if they are provided with vital information such as a store’s location and calls-to-action.  These functionalities should help drive conversions for advertisers.

“Consumers are continuing to watch more content on the YouTube platform and we want to be where they are, to reach and engage them. This new opportunity will enable PUMA to extend our shopping strategy into a new property and inspire consumers,” explained Rick Almeida, VP of eCommerce at PUMA which is looking to use the new shopping tools on Google.

In the next few months, Google will also launch site link extensions for TrueView action ads so that viewers can navigate to various landing pages like catalouges, promotional pages and opening hours.

During beta testing, it was revealed that sitelinks boosted conversions by 23%.

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