Google rolls out native video advertising to speed up load times on mobile devices

Anne Freier | November 15, 2016

Mobile Advertising


According to Google research over half of mobile users stop trying to load a mobile web page if it takes them longer than three seconds. And that is why, Google has rolled out beta testing of more efficient mobile advertising formats for its marketers. With native video ads now being offered through its DoubleClick platform, the search company hopes to drive the speed and revenue of a publisher’s mobile site.

Google launches native video ads



As mobile video advertising picks up momentum, it’s about time that Google jumped on the band wagon. Its monthly video ad impressions have been doubling since the start of the year and CFO Ruth Porat confirmed that mobile video would be a core driver of the business.

Overall, native ad impressions on DoubleClick have also doubled since May 2016 for publishers including The New York Times, Vogue, Slate and eBay.

Jonathan Bellack, Director of Product Management, Google, told Adweek:

jonathan bellack

“It is in everyone’s interest to work together to deliver a faster mobile experience. We feel the data is very clear that mobile users expect speed and that they will not wait around if things are slow. And therefore, if the industry together cannot deliver speed, nobody will succeed.”

In addition, the company also announced beta availability of its Exchange Bidding product, which lets marketers add competing exchanges into the platform. Apparently, the platform has aggregated quite a waiting list of over 100 publishers.

However, Google isn’t alone in trying to revolutionise the mobile web and speed up the data information flow. Indeed, Facebook has implemented preloading of ads to speed up advertising load times.

Bellack adds:

“There’s an avalanche of data, both by Google and others in the industry, that says speed is phenomenally important in the mobile realm.”

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