Google rolls out mobile native advertising on AdSense

Google has finally rolled out native adverts for mobile advertisers across its AdSense platform and it’s about time. Native adverts have become quite the norm among mobile advertisers as they blend into background content more easily.
The new AdSense Native ads are available across three categories including in-feed, in-article and Matched content.
True to their reputation, Google says the format addition offers a better user experience by slotting into content across a site and thereby providing a more attractive solution. Indeed, ads can be easily repurposed from desktop to mobile to tablet and AdSense native ads are easy to use.
All the newly launched native advertising formats offer a good solution for publishers as they align with a website’s feed. These ads can be fully customised to match the look and feel of content.
In addition, Google said that eligible publishers were now able to show relevant ads within their Matched content units, which is a content recommendation product launched in 2015. It essentially lets AdSense publishers promote their own content.
According to estimates, native ads could be responsible for 63% in mobile display advertising revenue by 2020.

The format also tends to drive higher engagement rates compared to other display ads. Indeed, findings by Sharethrough and the IPG Media Lab found that consumers looked at native ads 52% more often than banner ads. Additionally, the format saw a 9% higher lift for brand affinity and 18% lift for purchase intent compared to traditional banners.

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