Google rolls-out new app install ad units across search and YouTube


Google has officially launched its Google Search and YouTube app install ads and app re-engagement ads, after unveiling them a few months back.

The new Google Search ad units let developers target users across device types based on the same AdWords set-up used in regular search ads. Android advertisers also have the benefit of tracking conversions automatically in AdWords, while iOS apps have to set tracking-up manually.

The units themselves are automatically generated using an app’s icon and also link to reviews on  the App Store and Google Play.

Google’s app install search ads

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Deep linking is an important part of app re-engagement and so it’s no surprise to see Google including the feature in its new ad products, letting advertisers link directly into specific pages of apps from search.

When it comes to YouTube’s TrueView app install ads Google quotes mobile game developer MachineZone which says the units deliver 15% more valuable users than other video platforms.

Machine Zone CRO Deepak Gupta said


“Using YouTube we didn’t just find more customers, we found more of the ‘right’ customers. We know video platforms in general deliver valuable users, but we found that users who download our app from YouTube are 15% more valuable than those from any other video platform.”

It’s telling that Google has made no mention of app install ads coming to its social network Google Plus. It will also be very interesting to see when/if Google rolls out app ads for Google Now, which already suggests apps to Android users based on their online behaviour. Google Now has been touted as one of the strong alternatives to app store discovery, so all eyes will be on how this is monetised.

Google is holding a hangout online discussion on September 18 to teach users about how to use its new app promotion units. You can register over here.

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