Google reveals new monetisation features for app developers

Google has launched a few new tools that make it easier for app developers to re-engage their audiences and monetise their apps.

The company has just added App campaigns for engagement within Google Ads. The new format lets mobile game players rediscover a game by engaging with relevant ads.

An app developer may use App campaigns to encourage a user to complete a tutorial, or showcase new features that were added to an app since a user’s last session.

In essence, the format aims to provide a simplified solution to audience retention for app makers.

It follows the launch of rewarded products just last week, which lets users view video ads in exchange for an in-app reward.

Additionally, Google announced the launch of ad units within smart segmentation in Google AdMob to help developers boost revenue.

According to the company’s own data, less than 4% of players spend on in-app items. Ads are one way to increase monetisation. However, many developers worry that ads may deter users. That’s why Google has launched ad units powered by machine learning to segment players by their likelihood of making in-app purchases.

Players who are predicted to make an in-app purchases will not be targeted, whilst those unlikely to purchase will see ads.

Google’s latest additions may be the answer to growing competition from the likes of Facebook and Apple, which have stepped up their rewarded app monetisation efforts over the last year.