Google removes accelerated ad delivery

Google will be removing accelerated delivery of ads for search and shopping campaigns as shared budgets, the company said in a blog post.

Accelerated delivery allows advertisers to spend budgets faster than standard delivery.

However, Google admits the method isn’t effective. It doesn’t work for campaigns not limited by budget. For campaigns limited by budget, the method increases CPCs because of higher competition.

Standard delivery on the other hand considers expected ad performance and maximises daily budgets.

The changes will take effect as of September 17th and accelerated delivery will no longer be available.

By October, Google will be switching over existing campaigns from accelerated to standard delivery.

However, accelerated delivery continues to be accessible for Display and Video campaigns.

Although the changes may annoy some advertisers, the changes could ultimately make campaigns more efficient in terms of cost.

Google recommends that advertisers use ad scheduling to manage ad delivery. It also provides a tool to Maximize conversions or Maximize clicks bidding for campaigns.

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