Google Play launches rewarded video ads to help app developers monetise non-paying users

Google Play has just made it easier for Android developers to monetise their mobile apps and games from users who aren’t making in-app purchases.

By launching rewarded products, users have a choice to decide over their app experience and receive rewards in return for actions such as watching videos.

Rewarded products are now available in beta within the Play Console and are powered by AdMob technology. Specifically, the company launched a video format to begin with. If a user chooses the view a video advert, s/he receives an in-app or in-game reward upon completion.

This allows developers to monetise their apps without jeopardising non-paying users.

Google added that rewarded products could be added to any app via Google’s Play Billing Library or AIDL interface without the need for extra SDK integration.

According to research by Unity, the game company, 71% of mobile game players watch rewarded video ads in exchange for game content.

Another 46% of respondents said they preferred the ad type over any other type. The majority of players (80%) is also happy to engage with video ads for in-game rewards. Meanwhile, 52% of mobile developers found video ads to provide the highest revenues per user compared to other in-game ad types.

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