Google Play launches its own rewards programme

Anne Freier | November 7, 2019

App Business

Google is launching a rewards programme that enables users to earn reward points for their activity on the Google Play marketplace.

Called Google Play Points, users will be able to redeem points when they make in-app purchases, download apps or subscribe to apps.

The programme is entirely funded by Google which means developers aren’t losing any revenue.

Play Points can be converted to Play Credit which can be used to buy things on Google Play. Google hopes that the addition of rewards will motivate people to use their apps more often.

It’s not exactly a new programme though. Play Points were launched in Japan over a year ago and arrived in South Korea earlier this year.

For the US launch, there are different levels at which users earn Points from Bronze to Platinum. The higher the user goes, the more likely they are to also win prizes each week.

App users may also earn Points during special events hosted by Google or app makers. And the company is kicking things off with a special promotion: during launch week, users are earning 3x the Play Points on everything.

To motivate more people to do good, users can also choose to donate their points to charitable causes such as Doctors Without Borders US.

Boosting rewards is one way for Google to motivate its app users to spend more time on the marketplace and engage more regularly with their downloaded apps. It could also promote spending in-app which is a bonus for developers.

Play Points is now available in the US and free to join.

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