Google Play Instant lets players try games without downloading and installing an app

Google has launched Google Play Instant, a fast way for players to try out new games without having to download and install them first. Introduced at the Games Developer Conference, it’s a continuation of Google’s own Instant Apps feature.

Games that are compatible with Google Play Instant are shown in a dedicated gallery, or through a new Arcade section in the redesigned Google Play Games app, helming improve discovery. To improve engagement, Google lets players share invitations to play Instant games on social media, plus it will run shareable marketing campaigns to highlight the games.

See how Google Play Instant works

The first run of games include Clash Royale, Words With Friends 2, and Bubble Witch Saga 3. Developers such as MZ, Jam City, and Playtika are already working with Google on Google Play Instant, which is currently in closed beta.

Google writes:

“Google Play Instant is still in closed beta and we look forward to opening it more broadly later this year. It provides a collection of extensions to the instant apps framework that better support the needs of game developers; including a higher APK size limit to 10MB, progressive download support for executable code and game assets, and support for NDK and game engines using existing tool chains. We’re also working with popular game development platform Unity, and others including Cocos, to add IDE support making it easy for developers to build instant apps.”

Developers interested in working with Google on Google Play Instant can sign up on the dedicated page here, and wait for more information when the program expands.

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