Google pauses TrueView search result ads in YouTube as it prepares for greater brand safety

TrueView discovery adverts which pop up in mobile search results or as related video suggestions appear to have been paused by Google as YouTube tries to apply new brand safety features. The move follows core advertisers pulling their campaigns over extremist content objections.
According to MediaRadar, the number of advertisers on Google in April dropped by 5% with large brands such as Starbucks, Dish, Pepsi, GM, AT&T, Verizon, J&J and Walmart all pulling the plug.
Nomura Instinet analysts believe that the boycott may cost Google $750 million, which could result in a 7.5% drop in revenues of its estimated $10.2 billion in 2017.
The safety installation should speed up the process of applying infrastructure changes to boost brand protection features across all YouTube advertising formats.
According to Marketing Land, a Google spokesperson confirmed that the ads would be offline until the end of Q2 2017 in order to apply a new set of control measures. This, the company hopes, should boost transparency over where video ads will appear.
However, changes only apply to the discovery ads within search results on YouTube and do not affect ads on partner sites. Indeed, TrueView in-stream adverts and bumper adverts aren’t affected.
Since April 2017, YouTube channels are required to have 10,000 views before showing ads on videos. In addition, channels are being reviewed first before being accepted onto the YouTube Parnter Program.
Google says that as part of its upcoming safety improvements the default settings will exclude ads that contain objectionable content.

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