Google paid search ads drive more traffic to web shops than Facebook or Instagram

Anne Freier | February 25, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Google’s paid search ads for eCommerce companies have a conversion rate of around 2.7% and a direct traffic rate of 2.5% – reaching more customers willing to make a purchase than Facebook or Instagram.

That’s according to new research from Oribi shared with Mobile Marketer based on an analysis of 22,000 products across 204 online stores.

The data shows that Google’s organic search was 2.1% whilst that of Facebook was 1.5% and Instagram’s was just 0.8%.

Around 49% of web traffic to online stores now comes from direct channels, but Google ranks second at 21%, followed by Google paid (14%), Facebook (9.6%) and Instagram (1.5%).

That means Google is still a significant source of web shop visits for eCommerce brands.

But the study also found that cheaper products sold better on Facebook and Instagram than expensive ones.

Conversion rates of products below $100 were 2.6% on social media compared to 0.4% for products over $100.

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