Google overhauls AdWords, adds new ad formats and measurement tools

Google has announced a series of new features and innovations for AdWords. During the launch event, the company said more people than ever before were picking up their phones to make online searches, and mobile outnumbers PC searches in ten countries around the world, including the U.S. and Japan.
All the AdWords announcements can be seen in this complete livestream of the event

To meet expectations, Google has added three new ad experiences to search, related to cars, hotels, and mortgages. Here’s a few details on each one:

  • Mortgages. Google will provide the latest mortgage rates from a variety of lenders, and provide custom options to adjust the term, interest, and fees. Users will be able to apply online with an approved lender, or be connected to an advisor — all from inside the Google search ad.
  • Automotive. Users interested in buying a car spend 15 hours online doing research, so Google has made Automotive Ads – a new format with an eye-catching carousel of images. Each ad provides further information about the vehicle with a tap, and includes links to local dealers.
  • Hotels. New hotel ads featuring Google’s hotel partners will be shown globally, and include current prices from various sources, and an option to book directly.

Google has created a dedicated hotel ad AdWords experience for its search page
hotel adwords
hotel adwords
Google also announced a new reporting dashboard for its AdWords automated bidding platform, with new simulation tools, and more information on volume and cost related to CPA targets. It also enhanced its dynamic search ads, adding a recommended category, which examines your site for the best ad and location options.
It has also addressed its measurement tools, providing marketers with more information on campaign effectiveness. These include AdWords attribution, where attribution can be assigned to conversion types, and data can be used to calculate contributions based on each keyword. Google will continue developing this side of AdWords, and later this year, it will add cross device conversions to its automated bidding platform.

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