Google on Actions program will let you call on Google Assistant through your apps and devices

Andy Boxall | October 6, 2016

App Development

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Google will open an Actions on Google program later this year, which will allow developers to integrate devices and software with the new Google Assistant, the artificial intelligence platform inside the new Pixel smartphones and Google Home voice controlled speaker.

Google Assistant’s talents will be available to developers through the Actions on Google program


Actions on Google consists of three main parts:

  • Google Assistant SDK. Build Assistant into your device, whether it’s based in a Raspberry Pi, or a consumer product set for the mass market.
  • Direct Actions. Integrate your connected device with Assistant’s voice control system.
  • Conversation Actions. Allow users to have a contextual dialogue with Assistant while using your app or service.

Google’s not quite ready to open up Assistant and the SDK, but says developers should be able to start using Actions on Google in December. For now, anyone interested in the platform should register with Google here, and be alerted when the program opens up.

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