Google makes it easier for advertisers to understand Ads Data Hub insights

As privacy concerns continue to grow, marketers and advertisers are seeing a growing need to understand the impact of their campaigns.

That’s why Google has made a few enhancements to its analytics and measurement platform, Ads Data Hub.

Google also announced that it would be beta testing audience activation for display campaigns.

As part of the update, advertisers will be able to analyse data more quickly and gain better insights into how people interact with their ads. This allows them to modify their campaigns for a greater impact.

Google said that more than 200 brands and measurement partners are already using Ads Data Hub.

Queries were up 145% in 2019 compared to the previous year, but clients have demanded faster analysis features.

In a blog post, Google said:

“In the coming weeks, we’ll add self-service account linking for Google Ads, Campaign Manager, and Display & Video 360, so you can more easily access your Google ad campaign data across multiple products in a secure, privacy-centric environment. This includes allowing you to create multi-tier account structures, which adds flexibility to how brands and agencies can configure ads data within Ads Data Hub to address unique account hierarchies and user access requirements.”

In addition, running analysis will be easier using the Sandbox environment.

Advertisers are also gaining access to more than 20 templates for common analysis on Ads Data Hub.

In addition, Google is speeding up analysis bringing it down from 24-48 hours to just 6 hours for display and YouTube ads data.

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