Google makes further changes to YouTube channels in bid to reassure advertisers

Google has announced yet more changes to its advertising network on YouTube. The company plans to subject the most popular YouTube channels to review by humans in an effort to avoid additional content scandals such as the one involving Logan Paul.
Content will be reviewed by members of staff in order to ensure that they meet Google’s advertising guidelines. The company hopes that this would ensure less offensive content production for creators looking to run ads on their content. At the same time, the move calms advertisers and brands considering YouTube advertising.
In addition, advertisers are now able to select “Google Preferred” YouTube channels, which will be manually reviewed. Ads will only be placed on videos that are certified to meet Google’s “ad-friendly” guidelines.
The company said it was looking to complete manual reviews of current Google Preferred channels by mid-March across all markets.
In addition, changes are also taking affect that could impact creators. Previously, they could sign up to YouTube’s Partner Program if they had over 10,000 views across their channels. However, from now on the Program requires creators to have at least 1,000 subscribers in order to join.
This may result in potential ad earnings losses for some creators. However, the company stressed that creators with fewer subscribers than 1,000 weren’t generating a viable income anyway.
It remains to be seen how these changes will affect channels, creators and advertisers in the long run.

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