Google lets users subscribe to apps outside of them

Anne Freier | June 25, 2020

App Business

Google has made a series of changes to the way app developers could promote subscriptions across the Play Store.

Right now, select developers are apparently testing a tool that lets customers purchase app subscription outside of an app, TechCrunch noted.

The integration would make it much easier to purchase an app subscription before downloading and installing an app.

It is currently trialled through the Android Billing Library which offers free app trials to users before installation.

The library also makes it much easier to resubscribe to an app they’ve previously subscribed to.

The example of the Truecaller app shows that customers would be able to trial and subscribe to an app.

Details of the length of a free trial and subsequent subscription costs are displayed below the option.

The move also aligns with Google’s recent changes to is Play Store policies that aimed to make subscription terms and billion more transparent for end users.

App stores have attracted much criticism for hiding pricing or terms of subscriptions angering customers.

Where an app doesn’t clearly showcase its subscription options upfront, user churn is much more likely.

Google said it was also updating its checkout cart on Play to feature trial times and other pricing options. It will also send reminders to users when their free trial expires or in case they delete the app but forget to cancel their subscription.

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