Google reveals app re-engagement and YouTube app install ads

Google has announced a few new ad products designed to help app marketers, including app install units for YouTube and re-engagement ads on mobile search.
The search giant has broken down its new app-focused products into three categories: Discovery, Re-engagement and Measurement.
When it comes to ‘discovery,’ app marketers can now take advantage of a enhanced targeting on AdMob based on Google Play insights, which allows advertisers to target customers based on the apps they use, the frequency of use and the types of in-app purchases they make.


YouTube’s new app install ads

Advertisers can also leverage Google Play insights to get suggested keywords to help drive downloads via mobile search. For instance, Google says a hotel app advertiser will get suggestions based on popular keywords used for hotel app searches on Google’s store.
Perhaps most interesting is Google’s new app install unit for YouTube ads. The unit is an enhanced version of YouTube’s current TrueView video ad and features a bar underneath the video with a “Install” call-to-action button. It’s not clear if users can stay within the YouTube app while installing (like with Facebook) or have to navigate back from Google Play.
On the re-engagement side of things Google has announced ‘app deep linking.’ This allows users to link into a specific page within an app, from Google’s mobile search results. Google again uses the hotel app example and says a user searching for “London hotels” can click an ad that takes them directly into the relevant search page within an installed hotel app.
When it comes to measurement, Google says all its new app ads can be managed within AdWords, with a single integrated experience and a simplified workflow. This also allows users to measure conversion across the lifecycle of an app, from install to re-engagement and in-app purchases.
During a presentation, Google’s VP of product management Jerry Dischler said:

“It’s no longer about devices, said Dischler. “It’s about connecting people to the content they care about, whether it’s online, on mobile sites or in apps…. We’re scaling our effort up and we’re bringing it together into a single solution.”

With Facebook’s hugely successful app install ads, and Twitter’s recently announced app product, Google really needs to start taking the initiative when it comes to app marketing. These newly announced features should give the company some edge over its rivals, leveraging off app store insights, and the Google’s dominance over mobile search. The addition of YouTube install ads are also a welcome development. Mobile video ads have generally been successful with other ad networks – so it will be interesting to see if YouTube can take this to the next level. Google says it’s new ad products will gradually roll-out over the coming months.

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