Google launches new AdMob mobile ad tools and services during Google I/O 2015

Andy Boxall

In Mobile Advertising. June 1, 2015

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Google has announced a set of new AdMob tools to help developers make better use of in-app advertising. The news came at the company’s annual Google I/O developer conference, and for the first time, advertising developments were featured in the opening keynote. Here are all the details:

  • Audience Builder received an update which adds a new beta feature, where it’s possible to build user groups which see specific ads, while hiding those ads from other users. An example given is to show ads to users who’re more casual, while not interrupting those who’re already highly engaged. The service is in beta, and more information can be found here.

The latest Audience Builder feature lets developers target specific user groups when delivering ads
google audience builder

  • AdMob Reservations is another beta service, and is aimed at sales teams working with large ad inventories. Through the AdMob platform, sales people will be able to directly take ad campaign bookings, upload ad creative copy, and manage how campaigns are delivered.
  • AdMob mediation has gained several new partners, bringing the total to 40. The latest addition is Chinese Internet giant Tencent GDT, one of the largest Chinese mobile ad networks. AdMob mediation continues as a free ad campaign management platform for developers.
  • Native Ad Express removes any need to custom-design native ads, making them more accessible for developers without the resources to design them from scratch. Using CSS to come up with the style, AdMob will deliver the ad based on those specs, and provides the option to update the ads once live, without alterations to any app code.
  • Android Studio is the latest platform Google has integrated into AdMob, where it joins several other platforms including Unity, ready to create AdMob mobile ads for your app during the development stage.

Android Studio has been integrated into the AdMob platform
admob android studio
Google says AdMob now reaches 650,000 apps, and the latest features come just over a month after Google last launched several new tools for the platform. You can sign-up for the AdMob platform here. To learn more about AdMob, visit the company’s profile here.