Google launches guidance on advertising options for eCommerce

Anne Freier

In App Business. March 21, 2019

Google wants to make it easier for brands and retailers to advertise their eCommerce items and service and recently launched a guide on the topic.

The article outlines advertising options and targeting features available which help advertisers to show off their products and reach the right audiences.

In addition, it shows just how far Google has come in improving its ad features and targeting options.

Although many eCommerce businesses will be aware of Google ad options for retailers, they may not be aware of all of them. That’s exactly where the new guidance comes in.

For example, by using Google Ad Manager, users can serve promotions to customers who have previously made a purchase depending on purchase value. In addition, ads can be adjusted to specific consumer preferences, and targeted to reach customer who may not have finished a purchase.

Furthermore, the guide highlights how audiences can be successfully segmented across interests or by device type, browser language, country, region and keywords.

Google also provides a quick overview of its programmatic options in Ad Manager which include Programmatic Direct, Programmatic Guaranteed and Customised content such as promotions.

If you’re in eCommerce, it’s worth checking the guide out.