Google just made it easier for app developers to manage their ad policies

Google has opened a new App Policy Center to provide better communications and make it easier for users Google AdMob and Ad Manager to understand and manage ad policies.

Advertising policies are vital to ensure a smooth and healthy workflow and working environment for app publishers.

The App Policy Center can now be accessed via the dashboard after a user has signed into their account.

Google hopes that the new centre helps publishers to avoid policy violations and thus prevent revenue loss.

In a blog post, Google’s John Brown, publisher policy and communication lead, wrote:

“The App Policy Center is part of our effort to protect quality AdMob and Ad Manager publishers while building and maintaining a healthy and trustworthy advertising ecosystem. It is designed to provide publishers with a single centralized hub to review and monitor policy violations and appeals, providing publishers with greater insight into our policy enforcement process. With all the information needed to remain policy compliant in one place, the App Policy Center will help reduce the risk of potential revenue loss resulting from honest mistakes.”

Through the App Policy Center, users can view current warnings, violations and appeals. They may also appeal policy warnings for violations within 30 days and request a review and update on logged violations.

Google added that it would continue to notify developers via email in the event of a policy being enforced on an app, an app receiving a policy violation warning, a warning turning into an enforcement, reviewing a received request and reviewing accepted or rejected requests.