Google faces renewed anti-trust and monopoly claims in relation to its advertising practices

Google could be having to deal with an EU claim that states the company has abused the power of its monopoly. According to a series of news reports, Brussels may be ready to step up its measures against the search giant’s advertising practices, which its opponents continue to complain about.
Google faces new anti-trust and monopoly charges
The antitrust case concerns Google’s Adwords business, which helps generate £57bn in global revenue for the company.
Google has previously been hit with claims saying it was abusing its dominant position within mobile and search advertising services. In 2015, the European Commission accused the company of abusing its power in internet search to lure consumers towards it own shopping services. In addition, Google has been making it harder for other software rivals to seamlessly translate a search ad campaign from AdWords to their own platforms.
In addition, the company has previously been charged with abusing the power of Android to further its search engine and Chrome web browser.
Investigators for the Commission have asked other companies to submit information to investigate the case further, which may be a hint that charges are indeed being prepared.
The EU can fine a company up to 10% of its global revenue. This could potentially have a massive impact on Google and ultimately Android.
Google’s ad dominance extends from advertising buying and selling across various formats as well as go-between services for third party vendors.
Google declined to comment on the issue.

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