Google extends App campaign inventory for Apple iOS

Anne Freier | June 26, 2019

App Marketing

Google could be releasing updates for Apple iOS App campaigns which would boost conversions for marketers irrespective of browser type, according to reports from Chacka Marketing published by Mediapost.

Allan Than, digital media specialist at Chacka Marketing, highlighted that Universal App Campaigns were largely based on inventory from Google’s own browser rather than Safari.

Yet, on iOS devices Safari is responsible for 58% of mobile searches.

This has led to a discrepancy between impressions received on iOS and Android with Android campaigns receiving a significantly higher amount of impressions than iOS.

Once the changes take effect, additional search inventory should become available for Apple devices.

Marketers will then be able to access data from anyone searching the sites irrespective of browser or app.

This should boost traffic and the number of app installs, according to Thanh.

Google has previously announced a series of updates for app marketers including the option to auto-adjust bids for in-app spend and more app inventory for YouTube.

As per an email share with Chacka Marketing, Google wrote:

“Google uses machine learning technology to help attribute installs and in-app actions to a ad interaction on a web browser. Note that some of these conversions will be modelled and that reporting for App ads served to iOS users on will be available only within Google Ads.”

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