Google expands Universal App Campaigns features to include enhanced mobile advertising targeting

As the market for apps is getting increasingly crowded, developers are looking for more innovative ways to advertise their apps. Google has been busy trying to innovate its ad products and just announced a series of new tools to let developers reach their most valuable audience, i.e. users who are most likely to install an app and make regular in-app purchases.
At its developer conference, Google said it was expanding Universal App Campaigns to now reach iOS in addition to Android devices.
Google expands Universal App Campaign features
As part of the new options, users can also be targeted based on the levels in a game they reach or the number of in-app purchases made. In addition, Google now lets clients pay based on conversions instead of installations.
The most valuable addition is probably the company’s effort to automate processes to link up more targeted ads with analytics that could drive ROI for developers. This also yields better results for Google itself.
App installs are big business for Google. The company said its ads resulted in two billion app installs.
In addition, it announced a new Firebase Analytics service, which provides push notifications and purchase tracking. Firebase itself is a mobile platform that Google took over in October 2014 which lets developers create quality apps, grow their user base and monetise their apps.
Firebase helps app developers to create and manage their apps
Firebase Analytics gives developers a better insight into what their users are doing with an app. Paid ad campaigns are monitored across network attribution and can highlight where users are coming from. A feature called Audiences lets clients define user groups based on common attributes.
Russ Ketchum, Product Manager, Firebase Analytics, says:
“You can think of this as Google’s mobile development platform now.”

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