Google expands app advertising tools for advertisers and publishers

Google recently expanded its automated app advertising platform App campaigns through the addition of new ad formats and targeting options.

Putting greater emphasis on automation and machine learning, the tools enable advertisers to acquire app users more efficiently. For publishers, the solutions enhance lifetime value.

Among the changes, advertisers are now able to access Discover inventory through App campaigns to publish ads.

App campaigns in the US will be automatically running to attract a greater number of potential users on Discover.

App ads are also going to be expanded in Malaysia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Canada, Brazil, Japan and Indonesia.

Google added that it would soon be rolling out app ads on YouTube Search. Additionally, the company plans to launch in-stream skippable video ads across its display network.

The company said it had added smart segmentation for rewarded ad units and AdMob Insights to inform on changes in eCPMs, impressions and revenue.

“Finding the right users is important, but developers need to think about growing overall revenue in order to build sustainable businesses. By integrating ads during natural break points in your app you can build a new revenue stream and deliver a better user experience,” explained Sissie Hsiao, VP of Product, Mobile App Advertising at Google in a blog post.

That is why Google has introduced a new ad format that shows ads to users whilst they wait for an app to load, potentially creating a new revenue stream.

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