Google Classroom app surpasses 50 million downloads

Anne Freier | March 31, 2020

App Business

App and web service Google Classroom has seen a surge in usage as many schools and universities are reverting to online teaching and learning.

The Classroom app combines Google Drive features, Docs, Sheets and Gmail to enable teacher to schedule and structure their lessons digitally.

Assignments and coursework are also supported.

According to Appbrain data, the app recently saw a massive spike in downloads surpassing 50 millions. It was among the top five apps in the US last week and has been particularly popular in countries such as Canada, Finland, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico and Poland.

And whilst its great for teachers, students aren’t fans with many leaving negative reviews in the hopes of not having to attend online lectures.

Classroom isn’t the only app that has noted a surge in users as Slack and Microsoft Teams also picked up pace as their customer base continues to expand rapidly.

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