Google announces partnerships with Cloudflare and Triplelift to boost the AMP advertising and user experience


Source Google

Google has announced a series of new partnerships in order to bolster its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. AMP is all about speeding up the mobile web experience by loading pages faster and ensuring that adverts comply. It has been shown to speed up page load by six times compared to regular pages.
That’s why Google has partnered with native advertising network TripleLift which has already been serving AMP ads across Time Inc. properties. It has decreased page load from 2.2 seconds to 700 milliseconds.
Kavata Mbondo, VP of Digital Revenue, Strategy and Operations, Time Inc., said:

“AMP ads represent an opportunity to fix key issues with regards to ad experiences on the web. In our tests with TripleLift, AMP ads are already more viewable, up 13% from standard ads on AMP pages. We’ve also seen corresponding improvements in CTRs and eCPMs.”

In addition, Google has partnered with Cloudflare, the digital security firm that created Firebolt – a tool that can deliver ads about as fast as AMP can. Google holds a stake in the company. Fraudulent adverts are now presenting a growing challenge to the mobile ecosystem and the partnership with Cloudflare ensure that ads are being delivered more safely.
Firebolt will be integrated with AMP for Ads. The tool cuts the time it takes to ensure advertising safety and means that clients can launch their campaigns faster, but without risk of malvertising.
Matthew Prince, CEO, Cloudflare adds that the company is brand new.

“We really got pulled into this space because we desperately care about encrypting everything on the web. Ad networks have little control over serving malware and we turned to encryption to help solve that problem.”

For Google, ensuring that its web pages and adverts load fast and without security or safety risks is vital in improving the mobile web experience and thereby fighting off ad blockers.
However, some advertisers have noted their revenues decrease with the use of AMP because it only allows for a smaller advertising inventory.

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