Google adds support for app-ads.txt standard

Google has just rolled out support for the app-ads.txt standard introduced by IAB’s Tech Lab at the end of 2018.

As app fraud continues to increase, IAB’s ads.txt and app-ads.txt standards aim to address the issues by storing names and codes for authorised sellers of app ad inventory.

The initiative therefore “helps prevent unauthorised or domain-spoofed app inventory from being transacted across mobile, connected TV, and other devices”.

Google said in a blog post that the company planned to support the standard across its AdMob and Ad Manager products.

At the end of August, Google plans to block serving ads of unauthorised app inventory across its ad platforms.

The company is urging app developers to create an app-ads.txt file and add it to their App Store and Google Play store listings.

“This will help prevent unauthorized and domain-spoofed app inventory from damaging your brand and revenue.  Publishers who do not implement an app-ads.txt file will see no changes to their ad serving, but they will not benefit from these added spoofing protections,” Google wrote.

To make it easier for app developers to verify implementation, the company has rolled out verifications and warning across its ad platform user interfaces.

The addition will not disrupt any ad serving processes.

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