Google adds preview for video search results on mobile

Google has changed the way video search results are being portrayed on mobile devices. The company will now show six-second clips from queried videos so users can decide if they want to see more.
Previews should work for any videos queried that are longer than six seconds. Brand new videos may not be immediately included due to the time that it takes to create a preview.
YouTube videos will definitely be included as part of the new preview process, but Google notes that all content from other video hosts should also be getting the clips. The feature will roll out across Android devices first and support mostly English language content. The company said that support for iOS and additional languages will follow swiftly.
Previews are also best enjoyed on WiFi since they eat up a lot of data. However, Android users can opt out of them via the Chrome settings.
The addition should help users remove some of the ambiguity when searching for a certain video. For example, if a teen is looking for a music video by his/her favourite artist, the preview could help finding the original version compared to audio-only or cover versions.
According to the company, the feature uses Google’s machine learning algorithm to scan the full video and then deciding on which scenes to incorporate into the six-second clip. Previews will also not include any adverts.

At the moment, previews are only available for mobile devices, but may be rolled out to desktops in the future.

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