Google adds new features to mobile shopping ads to increase engagement

Google has introduced several new tools to encourage users to shop and buy products online using their smartphones. The company announced the features on its AdWords blog, and highlighted the amount with which mobile phones were becoming a key part of the shopping experience.
It’s starting to add deep links from shopping ads that send users to the relevant mobile app, rather than a website, and examples can be seen from launch partners such as eBay and Flipkart. Google calls the system a “tremendous opportunity for retailers and app developers to drive engagement with their shopping apps,” and we’ll be expanding it to more advertisers in the coming months.
Google has added a button that deep links from an ad to a mobile app, rather than a website
google buy button
Additionally, Purchases on Google adds a Buy on Google button to shopping ads placed on the conpany’s search pages. Clicking the button directs users to a Google-hosted, but retailer branded shopping page, where products can be purchased using a Google account. Advertisers using Purchases on Google only pay for clicks that go to the product page, and all further interaction is free.
Other new features include an ad expansion option, where a Google shopping ad opens up to provide more detail when it’s swiped to one side. More information on all Google’s new shopping ad features can be found here.

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