Google adds app pre-registration feature to Google Play Store

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Google has added an interesting new feature to the Google Play Store. Developers can pre-announce new apps, and let interested users sign-up to be alerted when the app is released. This pre-registration option is non-binding, meaning no payment is made, and the reminder can be canceled at any time.
The first game to use this feature is Glu Mobile’s Terminator Genisys: Revolution. It’s a good example of how the system can be used to take advantage of any pre-release hype, and maximize the number of downloads in those important early days of availability. Additionally, developers will be able to gauge interest in an app prior to it going on sale.
Using the pre-registration feature, users will be notified when a particular app is released
google play pre registration
Apps using the pre-registration feature show up as usual in the store, but instead of a Buy button, users see a register for updates button. Upon release, those who signed up will receive a notification on their mobile device, reducing the chances of potential app buyers forgetting about an interesting app. However, there is no obligation to buy on the user’s part.
It’ll be interesting to see if Glu Mobile releases any data on how this high-profile, first try of the pre-registration feature works out, particularly regarding the number of users who did register who go on to download the game after receiving the notification. The feature is also unique to the Google Play Store, with no equivalent available inside the Apple iTunes App Store.

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