Go2mobi reveals Total Control Api for custom mobile programmatic features

Mobile programmatic ad platform, Go2mobi, has revealed the Go2mobi Total Control API. The API lets app developers create custom programmatic features.
Users who are looking to develop streamlined workflows or standalone DSP platforms can do so all from within the Total Control API.
The platform also provides access to all of the company’s advertising features, including targeting, optimization, deep dive reporting, accelerated development as well as efficient workflows.
For interested developers, the company has launched a chart that allows them to compare the features against competitor demand side platform services.

The Total Control API provides a real-time bidding infrastructure that can process over a million queries per second. For advertisers, this means that they can automate their campaign creation and optimization, but also track and visualize them more effectively.

“With our Total Control API, Go2mobi brings a toolset for mobile advertising that is significantly more flexible and powerful to meet the growing needs of our clients’ specific use cases,” said Tom Desaulniers, president and co-founder of Go2mobi.

The company already received some positive feedback from early testing.
Helmkin Digital, the digital marketing agency, utilized the Go2mobi API to pull mobile campaign data into its custom reporting interface.
Helmkin Digital was able to schedule geo-targeted, day-parted micro-campaigns for a political campaign this way.
Jeff Shannon, Helmkin’s co-founder, adds:

“The applications we’ve built to leverage Go2mobi’s API have saved us countless hours in reporting and campaign creation. We built a quick interface that allowed us to upload dates and locations via spreadsheet in order to create geo-targeted, day-parted campaigns for every campaign stop on the trail.”

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