GlobalWide Media rolls out innovative consumer acquisition solution

Anne Freier | September 28, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Data-driven digital marketing company GlobalWide Media (GWM), has just rolled out a new digital ad solution that helps to turn consumers into brand influencers. RYPL utilizes an audience modeling approach that combines everyday influencer impacts and employs a social graphing tool to provide custom media progammes for a greater viral campaign impact.
GWM says that the solution combines a variety of data such as household, workplace and social data which together are likely to attract higher conversion rates.
According to Forrester Consulting research on behalf of GlobalWide Media, 44% of marketers are no longer feeling that the lookalike modelling approach is valid, instead, 58% believe that influencers are a much more efficient conversion ‘tool’.
With RYPL, consumers can be actively encouraged to become influencers by sharing their brand experience, increasing word of mouth conversions and establishing brand loyalty.
Women’s retail company Johnny Was was among the first to test RYPL and noted that consumer ROAS was $2.26 for every dollar, whilst percent lift was almost 40% in conversion rates over a control group.
Rob Trauber, CEO for luxury apparel retailer, Johnny Was, says:

“Similar to many brands in a highly competitive market, acquiring new customers is one of our biggest day-to-day initiatives. RYPL has proven to be a great solution to help with customer acquisition. We can now, more easily, attribute in-store and online sales directly to the campaign, and the initial metrics from a 30-day campaign showed return on ad spend achieving greater than 125%.”

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