Glispa launches gNative, its own native mobile app ad platform

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Performance marketing platform Glispa has taken its own native ad platform, called gNative, out of beta. The gNative platform is already in use by some of Glipsa’s big name clients — including Zalora and Flipkart — and they are reporting increases in engagement and conversions.
Gary Lin, CEO and founder of Glispa, said:

“gNative has been showing excellent ROI for global mobile advertisers who want to think outside of the (ad) box and who seek targeted users via our data-driven technology. Our significant global advertising demand along with deep expertise in the BRIC markets benefits the largest app developers looking to monetize their inventory. We are aggressively investing in technologies that are critical to the success of app developers, including robust supply-side solutions for native and video advertising and algorithm-based big data platforms for advanced profiling and targeting.”

Glispa’s new gNative ads are designed to fit in with the look of the app
glispa ad
Users see non-intrusive ads that seamlessly blend with the app, and offer relevant offers that encourage them to interact with the ad. Glispa reaches a billion mobile users around the world, and says it has the largest native CPI supply in the industry. It currently delivers nine million app installs each month, and expects to reach a grand total of 100 million installs by the end of the year.
Glispa closed a $77m funding round earlier this year, and you can read more about the company by visiting its profile page here.

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