Gingee’s new Curve dashboard gives real-time access to crucial in-app data

Andy Boxall | February 4, 2016

App Development

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App development startup Gingee has launched Curve, a metrics dashboard to help developers and marketers understand why an app is functioning in a certain way, which should assist in improving the user experience, and aid in user retention.

It’s a cross-platform tool that gives real-time feedback on app performance, showing up errors and other problems, which can quickly be addressed. That way, Curve says, it’s possible to reduce abandonment, quickly deal with problems, and make a better app experience for users.

Curve provides crucial in-app metrics for developers

Curve dash

Curve works on iOS, Android and the Web, and operates either in the cloud or installed on a client machine. The data is customizable, and a complete picture of a user event can be built, making it easier to find and cure problems, plus there’s an auto-tagging feature to help isolate those issues.

There are three different pricing structures for Gingee’s Curve dashboard, based on the amount of monthly active users your app attracts. There’s a 14-day free trial if you’d prefer to give it a try before signing up. Find out more details on Curve’s website here.

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