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Posted: June 12, 2017

Apple unveiled iOS 11 on 5 June at its WWDC 2017, With big enhancements over its predecessor iOS10. With Its new operating system Apple has tried very best to revolutionize the functionalities and capabilities of its devices. iOS 11 is covering up impressive modification in the Siri, Wi-Fi sharing, drag and drop, multitasking and beyond. Augmented Reality too is being embraced this time and Apple is delivering the world’s biggest AR platform enabling developers to develop amazing AR experience using ARKit for hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users.

iOS 11 has also redefined the strategies that were adopted by the iPhone and iPad developers for developing the iPhone applications. At WWDC certain features were left unsaid so; here we will be covering a few amicable features that exactly understand the requirements of today’s developer community. Here are the best goodies heading your way that Apple didn’t mention.

Let’s talk in the context of iPhone 

In today’s scenario, iPhone enjoys an impressive goodwill across all the market standards, business-houses and yes, it holds a good reputation among the high density of users. Figure out some of the most amazing features that now your device will be carrying with the iOS 11. With this noteworthy update top Mobile App Development companies such as Octal IT Solution can now develop novel and iterative mobile app by making them entailed with the listed sown features.

Screen recording:

One of the most remarkable features of the iOS 11. It was quite a toil activity for uploading narrations on the YouTube with the earlier versions, but iOS 11 makes it quick in a right way.

With the help of screen recorder, just capture your friends’ snap chat  sneakily, and yes, this recorder option will be right there in the revamped control center, another new feature of the iOS 11.

Instant Wi-Fi sharing

Nowadays Wi-Fi had become an utmost priority for the modern gadgets and laptops, but just imagine that you are sharing your Wi-Fi with someone with your 40 digit password. Well, the case seems quite irritating, but it is all simplified with the iOS 11.

Just turn your device on, the one with iOS 11 and it will it get you connected with the other iOS 11 devices hooked up. Once done share the network (Wi-Fi password)

One handed keyboard

Have your convos with this one handed keyboard, an excellent feature of the iOS 11 for the today’s generation who cannot afford to quit while having a chat. Technology is making it all possible, one handed keyboard allows you to express in a different  style.

Just hold on the emoji on the left side of the space bar and yes, it opens it all, just tap the emoji and return back to the normal keyboard  by just clicking down the arrow.   Another feature that is adding to its awesomeness is iMessages that are this time time loaded with app drawer” the one the displays emojis”.

QR code scanning

Might be you are travelling, proving your ticket, accessing a particular website or Wi-Fi passwords, iOS 11 will do it all. Your updated camera with the iOS 11 will now read all the QR codes and will pave the easy routes for signing in.

Since this time it’s the AR (Augmented Reality) hitting your iPhone with iOS 11, hence interact with all the virtual elements that are covering up your real world. For this purpose an ARKit is being launched by the Apple for the developer world, in order to use AR in the right way.

FLAC media playback

Apple music all got renovated with this FLAC media playback option that compresses your  audio files. So, let’s talk about the myth that was revealed by the music lovers.

Myth: The quality of the music degrades down, when compressed

Reality:  iOS 11 had fixed it all and with FLAC there will absolutely no loss to the music on the grounds of quality, rhythms, and lyrics and beyond. So, create your FLAC music files on the iCloud drive and tap to play them.

Apple Music too remodeled with this iOS 11 and allows you to  play your music in multiple rooms with AirPlay 2 protocol. Not only this it’s adds up suggestion according to your favorite music app and allows you to share the same with your friends as well.

App Offloading

Deleting the apps that have been hanging on your iPhone may be quite bothersome, so, iOS 11 fixed it. Well, just erase them all by just using the offload option that will be now displayed in the general settings.

Further, it not only deletes the app, but also maintains the track of the history pertaining to the apps that are being used. Rarely, used apps are being automatically deleted hence, making the device functionality, smooth and tranquil.

Extra app access to NFC

So, now explore the indoors with the iOS 11, well, yes, it graphs the reliable and convenient airport routes and mall floor plans. Furthermore, it prescribes the optimum driving lanes, thus minimizing the probability of getting stuck in the traffic.

Apple announced that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s will be encompassed with the near field communication chips that will provide an easy access to the hotel rooms, cafes and subways. So, if you are travelling in a different city, iOS 11 will do the entire task for you right from finding the routes, cafes till the guest house discovery. Right now, this functionality cannot be evaluated , but since the same had been embraced by the Apple, hence it’s the definitely the one that can be focused upon.

Siri Updates 

iOS 11 refreshed Siri. Certainly, now Siri had become more advanced and efficient with this new upgrade and can translate the English statements into (Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish). So, if you are learner, Siri is best option to hit upon. As a matter of fact, it suggests the things according to your accomplished activities like it can tell you about the news, or can respond to your message with a location plus can schedule your calendar appointment, in case the reservations are done with the “ Safari”.

Even it can interpret your writ-ups this time and recommended words for making it much improvised.

Restricting driving modes

iOS 11 had made certain arrangements for making your driving safe.  With it, get” Do Not Disturb “ option and there your iPhone device will go into an mute version that means that it will chop out the notifications,thus allowing you to keep an eye on the road rather than on the phone.

Provision for auto-response have been inculcated in iOS 11 and will let the “special people “know that you’re driving and will address them appropriately.

Now, let’s talk in the context of iPad

There are certain features that have driven the some of the monumental changes to the iPad. Obviously, these innovations are truly astonishing and are now being embraced by the iPad developers in order to escalate the technological implication in the products that re being developed.

Empowered Multitasking 

This amazing option has been added to the iPad and yes, it is one of the most intuitive and intelligent answer to the multi-tasking. iOS 11 get your iPad with a split version, and allows you to select two different apps from the dock that can be operated at the same time. You can switch between the apps, when required, with the re-defined app switched

Drag and Drop Redefined

The Drag and Drop features come to iPad with iOS 11 and enables the customers to get their  photos, text and other files transferred from one app to another. It paves out the amazing and marvelous experience while moving them as it includes a large multi-touch iPad display that is designed to impress. You can just locate the things anywhere and the view the excellence that it carries within.

This time it’s the new Dock

This is one of the gigantic modifications that iOS 11 has brought in for iPad. The new dock is available on any screen and thus, and allows the users to swipe between the multitude of apps instantly. The docks are smart enough and adjust the changes according to the iPod usage and justifiably customize the app usage. It conserves the time during an app selection and astutely evaluates the app suggestions in accordance with the inbuilt history.

Apple Pencil

Express your ideations in an enriched manner with the iOS 11. The Apple Pencil for iPad Pro is natural, dominant and quite versatile and makes your tasks more creative in a simplified manner. The instant notes option is displayed at your foray and with a simple tap on the screen, users can access the notes immediately.

In order to represent a graphical visualization, just pen down the details and there the words will move with random note, intelligently. It features up your e-mails via creative Inline drawings, then you can jot down that and the words will automatically move aside, so, look and discover beyond with your iPad and iOS 11.

Summing up

An ion 11 is nothing, but a clear short of wonder that is loaded with improvised features and specifications. It responds swiftly and can be used easily. The lucrative features of iOS 11 have paved a milestone for the unforeseen developments that will be hitting the mobile app development companies at short interval and would be at the same time will provide with a sea impressive benefits to the users.

If you would like to discuss more about iOS 11 features & app development, iOS experts at Octal IT Solution are ready to help you. You can reach them at the following email.

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