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Partner Post - Traffic MeetUp Virtual Mobile Marketing Show

Posted: February 17, 2015

Traffic MeetUp is the virtual show for the mobile industry that will be held for the second time on March 23rd. The show brings together a variety of different people from around the mobile marketing community and takes place in a virtual and online 2.5D world. Exhibitors and visitors at the event will be represented through animated figures that receive badges as they enter the different showrooms. During the meetup these avatars can move around and interact with the booths – it’s here they can live chat with visitors and exhibitors and even exchange business cards.
Some of the key speakers at the event can be found in the auditorium, and include the following:

It’s something a bit different then, and it’s a great chance to hear some important mobile marketing tips in an app-like virtual environment.
For more, you can find the full agenda and register for free as an attendee here.

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