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Partner Post - NativeX - 20% Spooktacular Savings for UA

Posted: October 19, 2015

NativeX Big Version
NativeX is offering some scarily good savings to celebrate the coming spooky season. Mobile app developers can look forward to up to 20% savings on their rewarded campaigns to help them achieve their goals.
All app developers need to do to get involved is the following:

  1. Read the Terms & Conditions, then fill out the “Spooktacular UA Savings” contact form.
  2. A NativeX account representative will then contact you to set up your campaign and get your assets.
  3. When you are invoiced, NativeX will pay 10% of your bill.

There’s also the extra option of receiving 20% of savings if app developers create an exclusive campaign with NativeX. What are you waiting for then?
Take advantage of this great offer and boost your user acquisition now.

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