How Geofencing Can Help Small Mobile Business?

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Posted: May 23, 2016

Rohit Madaan is an internet marketer at Signity Solutions. He has expertise in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing & Local SEO. He brings a new marketing approach to every project. Strong digital marketing experience in various industries. Love to learn & explore new things. Innovative and collaborative have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Of late the term “Geofencing” is frequently heard and is considered to be a cool term in the world. Everybody want to try out this technology in some way or other. Geofencing basically is creating a virtual fencing surrounding a geographical area which is predefined. It is controlled by an app. When an individual enters this virtually made fence a push notification can be sent instantly. Hence, based on location one can communicate and send specific messages to people inside the area which is geofenced.

Mobile Geofencing


Today much small business is also using geofencing for spreading offers and information about products and services to its customers. When people walk or drive close by the location under the geofenced range notifications about special offers are sent to them. Here is how it is being used:

  • Setting business parameters – There are brands which are having target schemes for spreading their offers. To give an example supposes it is the marketing plan of a zoo at San Diego. A current offer or a rebate is in place and the zoo team wants to give it to those who walk within a 10 mile radius only. Hence, this area is geofenced. Whenever tourists enter this region they avail the message about the discount. It is then up to them whether to act on it or not.
  • Localized campaigns – Localized campaigns are a rage about marketers nowadays. It is best to create geofencing within a small area and it is best to contact people who are located at a 5 minutes drive distance from the geofenced area. It helps in increasing the potentials of converting a potential customer into a successful sale.

Geofencing example


  • A/B Testing utilization – It is also a very good way to test contents, products, and services. Just like an advertisement is used one can use the geofencing technology to test things. A free drink offer can fetch more audience towards the diner than free chips or tacos. Also, it is a very flexible approach and hence, can be tested at many multiple locations. Coupons can be given and one can test the text, color, and copy of such coupons.
  • Helps developing target consumers – Demographics based on interests and other filtrations will help brands reach to the target consumer better. For an example if the target is to reach VIP audience in a band show then one can easily geofence VIP seat areas to do this.
  • Learning process – Geofencing is the other name for learning. The data accumulated from geofencing can be leveraged. It is an additional lens one gets to study customer behavior. One can ascertain the number of visitors to the place or the store, the stores customers visited before visiting the store in questions etc. This, in turn, helps to analyze how good or bad the product is and what is the pattern of the customers purchasing products.
  • Relevant content to be delivered – In today’s work consumers are getting numerous messages. Amongst all the relevant information usually gets lost.

By carefully planning the marketing strategy and making advanced technologies like geofencing one can surely avail profits and growth.

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