Gen Z prefer to view video content on mobile devices

Gen Z is the largest age group to view mobile video content in the US, according to new research from Whistle.

The entertainment group found that 81% of Gen Z like to put on videos whilst doing other things.

Sixty-one percent of respondents said there was no difference in video quality when watching on mobile devices. In comparison, 63% of millennials prefer to view content on TV.

Gen Z uses mobile devices to watch videos on YouTube (74%) and Facebook (83%).

For the youngsters, mobiles were the primary devices to view video content on (40%) compared to millennials (22%) who preferred to view content on TVs (56%).

Both age groups are spreading their consumption of video throughout the day. The majority of video viewing still happens after work or school and in the evenings.

For advertisers, the findings shed light on how and when they may best reach Gen Z consumers.

Mobile video-centric campaigns are now a must to reach an audience as atuned to the moving image as Gen Z. Meanwhile, millennials present more of a challenge and advertisers would fare well to schedule cross-device video campaigns.

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